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A Taste of the Sea


And lot’s of it.

It amazes me how much fresh fish we eat. Would you believe me if I said 16 weeks a year we are eating fresh fish? And I very well may have under-estimated that number. We are serious about fresh fish in our home – not only for the health factor, but it doesn’t get much more organic than bringing home your own food from the wild, whether it be veggies or meat. We are proud to eat from the meat we “hunt”; fish, elk, duck, goose.

Well, I only catch fish, but my rugged outdoor-loving real-life Jeremiah Johnson of a man (who can also wear a tailored suit better than any model in any Gucci ad) brings home the rest. He’s the more patient one in this relationship. We’ve agreed that if he hunts it, I will cook it. Yet, somehow I have yet to find any recipes for anything other than fish. Coincidence? Maybe. Or maybe not. I stand by the fact that the pages of my cookbook always stick together in the “game” section. I swear it’s a sign that I don’t need to learn to cook it!

Here’s one of our favorite recipes for cooking our fresh fish:

First, fillet the fish and remove all the bones.

Next, we spread olive oil over the fillets; then add freshly ground pepper, salt, and dill. If using dried dill (as we do), be sure to crumble it in your palm prior to sprinkling over the fish. It helps to release the oils/scent. Add the juice of 1/2 lemon over the fillets. Finally, cut 1 tablespoon of butter into quarters and place on the top of the fillets. Place the fish on the grill on medium-high heat for 15 min., then check to see if its done. Proceed to continue cooking until the fish is fully cooked.

While I prepared the fish, I had 1/2 yellow onion sauteing in olive oil over medium-high heat on the stove. Add a pinch of salt to help them sweat, followed by a pinch of pepper for seasoning. Once they are translucent and beginning to carmelize, I added 1 cup of sliced mushrooms. These were button mushrooms, but shiitake mushrooms would work well too. Cook the mushroom and onion mixture until the mushrooms are brown along their edges, about 5-7 min. Add 1 cup of white wine (I use Pinot Grigio because then I can drink a glass with dinner!) and continue to simmer until the liquid cooks down, about 4 min.

The fish is done! It looks so good in this photo that I am literally starting to salivate. No. Joke. It’s like I can smell the buttery-lemony-dill sauce through the computer!

I served a cut of the fillet with the caramelized onion & mushroom mixture on the side. I HIGHLY recommend serving it on the top, though, because every bite we took tasted so much better when both were on the fork together. YUMMY goodness!! It’s healthy, easy, and flavorful.

You will be so excited for the next chance you get to make it! Enjoy!


Summer has finally arrived! Woohoo!

Do you live in Oregon too? If so, you will be rejoicing with me! If not, summer in Oregon has got off to a late start – so late that the corn fields we drove by on Sauvie Island are only 3′ tall! It is August and if I remember my childhood right, the corn stalks should be getting tassels on them by now. Oregon not only has summer corn to look forward to, but the fishing season is ripe with the movement of summer Steelhead. Grab your poles and let’s go!

That’s right folks, I can fish too. I owe this skill to my main squeeze. He has proven to me that a good teacher can create a great student – I caught and netted 4 fish this weekend! Two had to be given back to the sea, but I still had two for dinner this week. Fishing is the epitome of Oregon outdoor life this time of year. These (mostly) men are serious about this hobby and become incredibly territorial fast. It’s pretty entertaining to watch 😉

Now, you may be wondering about a few things: Do I kill the fish? No way. I turn around and sing “Happy Birthday” while the deed gets done. I just can’t do that part. Do I love fishing? It depends. The weather forecast and what time we get up in the morning (4am!!) decides if I like fishing that day. (I’m a grumpy girl that early).  Do I love to eat salmon and steelhead though? Yes!! Is bad weather, an early morning, and the sounds of slaughter in the background okay with me so I can eat fresh fish all week? I think YES! I make an annual pilgrimage to our fishing spots (I really should go more often, though).  This year I’ve been dubbed “Queen of the Columbia” because my strategy is get on the boat, set my pole, sleep, wake up to a fish on, reel it in, put on new bait, set the pole, sleep, wake up to a fish on, …. and repeat. The boat next to us was getting a little peeved how easy I had it. I was the only one out of a dozen boats getting any fish. My mom would be so proud, beating these men at their own game!