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Made a Berry Good Smoothie in the New Blender Today!

Guess what we got?! A new blender!

After getting our rebate in the mail from Costco, we were off to find the perfect blender. Did you know how confusing it can be when shopping for kitchen appliances? Lucky for us, our kitchen is so tiny that I can’t shop for fun gadgets very much. So the other day I found myself *ecstatic* going store to store and comparing all the blender options – the differences aren’t very noticeable until you start touching the device. I’m serious!

For example, the moment I lifted the glass container on what would become our new blender, I knew it was “the one”. The one that had all the traits I’ve dreamt about….The one that seemed to know how to fit my needs like a missing puzzle piece….The one that made me wonder if God really does create our other half…. Sigh…  Oh, wait! I’m supposed to be talking about our blender, not my man!!…. I always seem to veer off track and daydream about him…..

Okay, back to the blender.

The best part is that it has pre-programmed buttons that provides a timed blending of your food in a perfectly rhythmic pace. When I hit the smoothie button, it goes on high for a few continuous seconds, slows to a one-pulse-at-a-time for a couple of rounds, back to a continuous pulse, etc., and repeat. It does EXACTLY the same routine I would do! All on its own!! *Magic* I LOVE LOVE LOVE this thing!!

Here is the newest member of our growing family:

Isn’t she purrrdy?!

Even though I’ve been out picking fresh blueberries & raspberries, we have a freezer full from last summer that I really need to use. Perfect for a smoothie!!

Berry Smoothie

1     cup frozen or fresh blueberries

1     cup frozen or fresh raspberries

3/4  cup vanilla yogurt

1    cup orange juice

1    cup milk

A handful of ice cubes

With my blender, it is easier if I put in the ice cubes first, followed by the OJ and milk. Next I add in the blueberries, raspberries, and yogurt. Blend for a couple of minutes so that the ice is crushed well and the remaining ingredients are blended. Serve in a pint glass and serve immediately.

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