I’m a Northeastern girl who grew up in a log home in New York and now lives in the outer-suburbs of Portland, Oregon.

I live with my wonderful partner who is the man every woman dreams of – he eats my kitchen creations with a mouth full of food and a sweet smile on his face every time. I picked him out in Boston as the only man wearing a Carhartt jacket and cowboy boots, to which he swept me off my feet in an east-meets-west love fest and took me back to Oregon with him.

We are starting out in this big world together, him in the business sector and me, well, I’m still looking for that dream job. Maybe I found it here? I love celebrating the senses in every way, especially through food. I am inspired daily by the abundance of food found fresh in Oregon and decided what better place to learn the ropes around a kitchen and the dinner table than in the Great Northwest.




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