Spring has Sprung in Oregon!

February 14th – it’s Valentine’s Day – and the day where winter’s veil is beginning to lift,  showing glowing daffodils, vibrant crocuses, and blooming blossoms on cherry trees.

Sometimes I forget how lucky we are to live in the Great Northwest! It’s the secret that only Oregonians know of (well, I guess I can’t keep a secret) – that the season’s are absolutely more spectacular here than anywhere else in the country. I mean, did you see the picture of our trip to the coast in the earlier post???

Here’s a lovely treat that will give you a Hug & kiss to celebrate Valentine’s Day, as well as a burst of fresh flavors & color to celebrate the emergence of Spring – Enjoy!

Fresh Fruit Tart

I made this for a potluck recently, and it seemed to be a crowd fav!

(I can’t find the recipe at the moment, so I’m posting this anyway & will update with it tomorrow. Oops!)


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