Ramblings from the girl who scraped the brownie batter from the bowl for dinner.


So I’ve had a hard time focusing on what to tell you about first. You see, I’ve been a busy bee  in the kitchen and, with my new job one month in, I have now assumed a new routine. That means my afternoons with me sipping tea while I search for recipes, create them into meals, capture photos along the way, and diligently post the results no longer exist. A point of realization that really makes my bottom lip pucker out & quiver… which Mr. SexyManInCarhartts tells me to be careful of, so I don’t trip over it. Ha! He’s funny, right?! … Yup. That’s why I’m with him.

Anyways….. back to the food….. and the posts. Or lack thereof.

Today was filled with many random ramblings, of which I have zero desire to make sense of. So here’s a list of the musings that flew in & out of my head today:

  1. Oh my God, I really need pack my lunch the night before. I hate not having my lunch sack full because that means DANGER is on the horizon! Dangerous calories and unhealthy food! Oh noooo!
  2. Crap…. that woman’s bagel smells soooo goooooood….
  3. I really need to upload the 50-ish photos of those meals I made.
  4. Is there someway to program a computer to do scheduled work for you? Like “grab the photos of the spaghetti, write a cute blurb, include the adapted recipe, and post. Don’t forget to spell check!”
  5. Eww, I totally think I have coffee breath. Could they tell? (This is always my least favorite part of the day.)
  6. Alright, lunch time. Good thing I work close to home! Hehehehe…… 🙂 “Hey you! Leftovers from the super bowl dinner! Here. I. Come!!!!!”
  7. (Are you totally weirded out by me talking to packaged food in the fridge??  I am.)
  8. Mr. SexyManInCarhartts mentioned that I’ve spent too much money lately. My defense? “It’s all on food!” His response? “Yeah, and now look at us working out 3x/week.” And from me? “Yeah but, I cook healthy foods.” Mr SexyManInCarhartts pauses, “Healthy food that is so good I have to eat the entire pan of it. That’s how amazing of a cook you are, Ms. LoveOfMyLife – I can’t stop eating your divine meals!”
  9. Did you believe #8? I totally made it up – a problem I wish we had. Unfortunately, in this relationship, my meals are never referred to as “divine” and I’ve never heard “Ms. LoveOfMyLife”. So, yes. I made it up. Some of it. 🙂
  10. And to round out my day so far, I rushed home from work so I could make a batch of brownies, with Reese’s peanut butter chips, and decided to lick the bowl for my dinner. There. That sums it all up, if you ask me!

I hope to have some food on here soon…

I guess that just means you’ll have to keep stopping by to see when it happens! 🙂

(Here’s a picture of our Saturday afternoon)


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