Fast & Fabulous French Food at Home

Have you seen this cookbook yet?

A recipe from this book came up on my daily looky-look at After perusing a few of her pages, I fell in love with her style and recipes! Ooh la la!  (sorry, but that’s all the french I can come up with on the fly… pretty sad, right?)

– from her website

“Wini Moranville draws on years of traveling to and living in France and serves up a hip, user-friendly volume that brings a wealth of up-to-date French recipes and time-saving techniques seamlessly into the American kitchen. In a voice at once wise and lighthearted, Moranville offers 250 recipes that focus on simple, fresh ingredients prepared well.”

I gotta tell you, there is seriously nothing quite as exciting as finding a new food blog to follow. And I think that makes me a foodie… um, maybe we should make that an obsessed foodie… a.k.a. a  person that might be spending all her time looking at food websites and her salary on food & food related items.  But you know what? I don’t mind being labeled obsessed, because that means I have a hobby and hobbies create contentment. And I am as happy-go-lucky as it gets when I’m doing something “food” related!

So, back to the book…and her easy-peesy French recipes for the modern working woman. (A far cry from some of Dame Julia Child’s difficult recipes)

This is what I’m making tonight with some freshly caught Steelhead (Salmon’s cousin). I just cannot get enough fresh fish these days – some people say they crave a good hunk o’ steak, a BLT, or hamburger.. but me? I crave fish like a mad women who reached in her drawer for a piece of Dark Chocolate and realized there was none left. I need it NOW! Gimme, gimme!

Roasted Salmon with Pernod Sauce








Photo credit here.

I’ll keep you in the loop for the final results 🙂




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