Apple Cider Muffins vs. Apple Cider Donuts

With my strong New York stock it’s hard not to know all about the Apple Cider Donuts found at the apple orchards in early Fall. New York is the apple capital of the world…. right? The best place to go when I’m visiting home for these life-changing treats is LoveApple Farm. You can’t miss this place or these donuts because the intoxicating smell draws you in from miles away. I am completely serious!

They are a kind of right-of-passage which can lead one to truly understanding the Fall season in the Northeastern parts of the great USA. The sugar crystals left along your lips after you bite down into a pillow of apple and cinnamon flavors laid inside a bed of moist cake-like fried dough leaves you wanting more every time. And of course they must be washed down with a Dixie cup filled to the brim with a caramel-colored, slightly sweet and mildly tart apple cider.

I’ve craved the chance to relive this culinary experience out here in Oregon, but none of the nearby farm stands have apple cider donuts. Can you believe it? I can’t! Then late one night, while staring at my bags of apples I recently picked up and trying to figure out what in the world to do with them, I had a brilliant idea – I should just make the donuts myself!

I found a recipe fairly quickly, but I couldn’t bring myself to fry anything (completely submerged in oil) in our home. The act of deep-frying just doesn’t fit our kitchen. It’s like a dress that wasn’t made for your body type – it just doesn’t fit you and it wasn’t meant to be. The same goes for deep-frying in our home. I’m a Yankee, not a Southern Belle 🙂

Deflated and quickly losing those tantalizing flavors I’ve dreamt about, I took one deep breath and closed my eyes.

And then it came to me: Why not try to make the recipe into a muffin?

The pros: Baked, not fried. Larger portions. Possibility to include apple chunks. Sugar on top is good no matter what it’s on!

I’m off to try this out…. I’ll be back with the details shortly. But in the meantime, you should try to find some of these donuts at your local orchard or farm stand and then come back to tell me all about your experience!


4 thoughts on “Apple Cider Muffins vs. Apple Cider Donuts

  1. Yum! Have you thought about taking a trip up to the BC Okanagan? There are tons of wonderful fruit farms up there, apples included! And have you thought about just baking the apple doughnuts? It could be attempted… they might end up like little rounds of yeast-leavened cake, but if you dipped them in a bit of butter & rolled them in cinnamon sugar while they were still warm, I bet they’d be great!

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