Caramel & Chocolate Cravings

I found a trusted fellow food blogger that has a recipe for salted caramel brownies!


BrownEyedBaker is well-regarded in the blogging world, so I truly believe that this recipe will satisfy my craving. Ooooh, I really cannot wait until I have these luscious caramel-chocolate bites in my mouth!

Caramel is my most favorite sweet ever. So much so, that I have to resist buying the Starbucks caramel sauce that they place right next to you while you wait in line for your morning run. If you were to see me in line next to you, I probably wouldn’t be too chatty because I would instead be daydreaming of sitting on the kitchen counter at home, tilting my head up, and squeezing the caramel into my mouth.

It’s that good!!!


Stay tuned for the results.

So happy to have found what sounds like a delicious recipe!!


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