A Blogger’s Life

When I decided to start documenting my adventures in the kitchen, I had no idea what I signed up for. The creative person I am, I think I enjoyed the task of creating a blog and imaging all the stories I could write than the actual work involved in keeping the blog up & running.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy blogging about the recipes I’m cooking up – rather, it is something along the lines of forcing yourself to write a story to share weekly, if not daily. Being the competitive woman I am, I know I can do this. I believe I can do this! If thousands of other people can do it, well, than I can do it too!! However, I often lay awake in bed in the morning wondering who it is I’m even writing to. Who are you, my lovely, supportive, interested, and hungry readers? Are you there?? Can you hear me???

A friend of ours started writing a blog last month, www.nomoreharvarddebt.com, and he noted that after only a few weeks of posts, he had something like 11,900 views on his blog! Where do these people come from so quickly? Now I realize writing about reducing one’s personal debt these days is a goal for the majority of fellow Americans, but really? 11,900 views in only a few weeks!! The reality is that people love what he’s writing about. I also love what he’s doing and was so excited to share my enthusiasm to a fellow blogger. I hope he gets 11,900 views a day!!! And I really hope he reaches his goal. He has been a great friend to us for many years and he deserves all the success in the world. Love you JM! (if you have the time, go over to his blog and read a few posts – he’s also an entertaining and articulate writer!)

The issue I’m experiencing is the blogging world…. it’s what I don’t understand about it. Like, how do I get more people interested in my blog over the million of other food blogs? I never personally thought of my life as all that interesting so I shouldn’t expect much of an audience. But food has become revolutionized of late and I’m hoping to shed my own light on it’s effect on my life – linking the important role of food in our every day lives.

As I reflect on my position in this vast world of blogging, my goal right now is to walk away from this post remembering what it is I want to get out of writing a blog:

Do the number of viewers matter the most to me? Or, conversely, is it solely about having an organized version of my adventures in cooking?

Does being the most popular blogger drive me to keep posting? Or is it learning to cook a new & difficult recipe that keeps me coming back for more?

As I take a short pause, the answer is pretty simple for me, especially after facing these questions out loud… I did not start this blog for anyone else but myself and my parents – really. That sounds a bit selfish, right? Yet it isn’t. Or maybe it is, as every blogger is out there to talk about their own life experiences, family, the food they cook & eat, etc. Either way, I digress….

I did not come into this world looking for a following; to be the most popular person. Instead I was born to live my life and be myself every step of the way. I’ve never been one to follow a crowd so this is my way to carve out yet another food blog amongst all the others, keeping it 100% original and of my own creation. If that garners many readers, than I will be very, very happy. If not, that is quite alright too. My food and recipes are loved in our home either way and that is what matters most to me. (Honey, that’s a cue to you to keep smiling while you eat my food each night) 😉

As I conclude my vocal frustrations of this blogging world and remind myself why I came here in the first place, I ask of you one tiny thing: Please, please, please continue to enjoy my blog and all the recipes I’ve included. And if I could influence you in any way, it would be to go out and buy some local ingredients to make a homemade meal for yourself or family today.


2 thoughts on “A Blogger’s Life

  1. Hi Kristina!
    Glad to find another food blogger in the NW. I feel your pain about getting your blog more readers. I really don’t know the secret… besides blogging every day (something I am really NOT good at)! I do think commenting on other people’s blogs helps. Some other ideas include putting your recipe on a site like tastykitchen.com (the pioneer woman’s recipe site) or joining the nablopomo (writing every day for a month). Blogher also accepts new blogs and puts them on their rotation, but they only accept a few blogs.

    Mostly, what I decided, is like what you decided, I am going to write for myself. If other people, besides my mom, read it, great! If not, I will still get nice emails from my mom telling me how great my post was.

    Good luck on your blogging adventure!

    • Hi Mary Sue!
      Thanks for the comment & the suggestions! I may try submitting a few recipes to the TastyKitchen… I’m also happy to have a fellow NW blogger! 🙂

      Happy Blogging!

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