Summer has finally arrived! Woohoo!

Do you live in Oregon too? If so, you will be rejoicing with me! If not, summer in Oregon has got off to a late start – so late that the corn fields we drove by on Sauvie Island are only 3′ tall! It is August and if I remember my childhood right, the corn stalks should be getting tassels on them by now. Oregon not only has summer corn to look forward to, but the fishing season is ripe with the movement of summer Steelhead. Grab your poles and let’s go!

That’s right folks, I can fish too. I owe this skill to my main squeeze. He has proven to me that a good teacher can create a great student – I caught and netted 4 fish this weekend! Two had to be given back to the sea, but I still had two for dinner this week. Fishing is the epitome of Oregon outdoor life this time of year. These (mostly) men are serious about this hobby and become incredibly territorial fast. It’s pretty entertaining to watch 😉

Now, you may be wondering about a few things: Do I kill the fish? No way. I turn around and sing “Happy Birthday” while the deed gets done. I just can’t do that part. Do I love fishing? It depends. The weather forecast and what time we get up in the morning (4am!!) decides if I like fishing that day. (I’m a grumpy girl that early).  Do I love to eat salmon and steelhead though? Yes!! Is bad weather, an early morning, and the sounds of slaughter in the background okay with me so I can eat fresh fish all week? I think YES! I make an annual pilgrimage to our fishing spots (I really should go more often, though).  This year I’ve been dubbed “Queen of the Columbia” because my strategy is get on the boat, set my pole, sleep, wake up to a fish on, reel it in, put on new bait, set the pole, sleep, wake up to a fish on, …. and repeat. The boat next to us was getting a little peeved how easy I had it. I was the only one out of a dozen boats getting any fish. My mom would be so proud, beating these men at their own game!


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